Wednesday, October 30, 2013

California Association of Highway Patrolmen Leaders Shamefully Dis-Honor the Fallen


 Dear All,

This article concerns Ammiano’s Bill - AB 473. 

I would like all of you to note that for some very strange reason, the “California Association of Highway Patrolmen” (CAHP) chose to remain neutral on this bill, even after one of their own, CHP Officer Justin McGrory, was run into by a driver who was stoned on marijuana, hitting and killing him while he was standing on the side of the road.

I believe it is important to find out who was responsible in the CAHP for making this decision and makes no sense at all.  Here is the article regarding the CHP Officer who was killed:

Excerpt: “Rafael Garcia is trying to piece his life together after the horrible night three years ago when, after smoking weed, he fell asleep at the wheel on Interstate 15, and drove onto the shoulder where California Highway Patrol officer Justin McGrory stood.”

Here is more personal information regarding Officer Justin McGrory and his family for your consideration:

"Officer Justin McGrory was struck and killed by a drunk driver while conducting a field sobriety test on I-15 in Barstow at 3:38 am.  He and his partner had stopped a suspected drunk driver and were administering the tests when he was struck. His partner was not injured. The drunk driver who struck him stopped a short distance away. He was arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence of marijuana. Officer McGrory had served with the California Highway Patrol for almost three years. He is survived by his expectant wife and three small children. His fourth child, a daughter, was born on July 20, 2010."

Other troubling information to note is that AB 473 is not the only marijuana bill the CAHP chose to remain neutral on. Allegedly, the CAHP also chose to remain neutral on bill’s; AB 604, SB 439, and SB 611.

I have personally visited the CHP Academy located in Sacramento, CA.  On the grounds of the academy is a very sacred and well groomed patch of grass, a memorial that honors those who have fallen in the line of duty. 

 It seems to me that the leaders of the CAHP have utterly failed in their solemn duty to fully honor this young officer, his wife, and children.

The Citizens of California deserve to know the "Truth" of what and who is the driving force behind these CAHP decisions while ignoring the fact that their own officers are at great risk when patrolling the streets and highways of our communities to protect us from drugged drivers. 

So the question is, did the CAHP consult with the rank and file or even ask for their opinion whether or not they are neutral in matters regarding marijuana? Drugged Driving?  If not, then why not? 

The leadership of the CAHP need to explain themselves and their actions.  There is no acceptable reason not to.

Ronald L. Kirkish