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By Roger Morgan, Founder, Take Back America Campaign

Dr. Carlton Turner
Dr. Carlton Turner, President Reagan’ Assistant for Narcotics and Drug Abuse from 1981 to 1987, was in charge of the federal government’s 5 ½ acre pot plantation, which supplied cannabis to researchers. 

During that time he noted:  “It’s important to remember that we supply the scientists with marijuana which has a THC potency of 2 percent – about half the potency of street pot today. 

The U.S. government and responsible scientists cannot administer a drug to a human being which is as potent as today’s marijuana.” 

Today’s “medical” marijuana ranges mostly from 20 to 27% THC in smoked form, but as high as 90% in wax form.  

Dr. Turner went on to say “… It should also be remembered that THC is only an indicator of the mind-altering potency of the plant.  Other cannabinoids affect the body in different but also harmful ways, and they are usually found in higher concentrations when the THC content is increased.” 
Now, some 30 years later, science has provided us with additional knowledge on the harms of marijuana, not only to those who use it, but to their offspring.
Dr.Delphine Psychoyos, Texas A&M
In August 2012, Dr. Psychoyos at Texas A & M, revealed that today’s high potency pot could kill a baby in the womb even 2 weeks after conception, before the mother even knows she is pregnant. 

Dr. Susan Dalterio
Research from roughly 30 years ago by Dr. Susan Dalterio of U of Texas revealed that marijuana with only ½% THC caused physical deformities and still births, that it was mutagenic, meaning it could skip one generation and harm the next because of chromosomal abnormalities, and it could be caused by the male.

Research has now shown a causal effect between parental use marijuana and ADHD, and even more recently, the pesticides used to grow marijuana appear to be a causal factor in autism. 
Keep in mind that the human brain isn’t fully developed until age 25, and the age group with the highest consumption is 18-25 (i.e. child bearing years), followed by 12 to 17. 

Marijuana use, particularly before age 21, is known to disrupt brain development (permanently) leading to loss of IQ by up to 8 points, psychotic episodes including schizophrenia and paranoia, suicidal depression, addiction, diminished academic achievement and productivity, and increased traffic accidents and death. 

It is also a gateway to hard drugs that kill 105 Americans daily, just from overdose. 

CBD, one of over sixty cannabinoids, has shown promise in helping children with seizures and life threatening conditions such as Dravet Syndrome. 
But one should not confuse CBD, one of over 60 cannabinoids, with the whole plant. 
The “medical” marijuana being sold today throughout the nation, is bio-engineered to be very high in THC, the psychoactive ingredient, and very low in CBD, because it sells for more money. 
It’s all about the high, not the “medicine”.
Research on CBD continues by the FDA on an expedited basis. 

In the interim, one should note that Health Canada just issued a release saying THC content of 0.3% could pose a risk to children in the womb, or being fed breast milk. 

“Charlotte’s Web”, produced in Colorado without FDA approval, professes to have less than 1% THC.

But any THC could be detrimental to a child. 

Health Canada recently stated that 0.3% potency poses an unacceptable risk to a fetus, or children on breast milk. 

Bottom line? 
Instead of putting the burden on local communities, it is time the federal government quit living the lie and step up and do it’s most important job…. protecting the people.   



ROGER MORGAN  Chairman/Founder, Take Back America Campaign, formerly Chairman and Executive Director of the Coalition for A Drug-Free California. Owner/CEO of Steelheart International LLC, engaged in international business development and has been an entrepreneur and businessman in California for 33 years.  Formerly, he was Vice President of Volvo of America and President/CEO of Volvo Penta of America; and formerly engaged in sales, marketing and dealer administration with Caterpillar Tractor Company and Caterpillar Overseas.  He is a graduate of Washburn High School in Minneapolis (1956), Colorado College (1963) and The Thunderbird Graduate School of Global Management (1964).  He was Founding Chairman of the Coronado SAFE Foundation in 1997, a non-profit dealing with drug prevention; prior Board Member of the San Diego Prevention Coalition and Special Advisor to the Golden Rule Society in Coronado.   His passion for drug prevention stems from two step-children who became drug addicted at age 12 and 14 roughly 32 years ago, and two nephews who died from drug related causes. Morgan has authored two books, published on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble, one on Marijuana and the other on George Soros, America’s Drug Lord.  He is a frequent speaker and has written hundreds of articles on drugs and drug prevention.



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Obama's Central American Follies

Dear All,
Over the last few days I have sent out emails regarding the immigration of large numbers of children coming from Latin American and crossing into America over our southern border with Mexico.
In those emails I have suggested that the large majority of the children are coming into America seeking safety  and refuge from the atrocities perpetrated by the Drug Gangs, Cartels, and corrupt governments in their countries; while some have tried to place the blame primarily on Obama’s immigration “Dream Act” policies.
Please know that my intentions are not to exonerate Obama from responsibility for what is happening at our southern border.
In fact, I believe that Obama’s (and Hillary Clinton’s) feckless foreign policies are greatly responsible for fostering the horrible conditions that have lead to the human tragedy we are witnessing in Latin America today, and the huge surge of illegal immigration coming across our southern border.
This article by Michael Gonzales below will enlighten you to how a ineffective president and secretary of state of the United States early on in his presidency sowed the seeds of instability, creating what we are experiencing today.
 Ronald L. Kirkish,  CDFC/IFBC/CALM

Obama's Central American Follies 

Michael Gonzalez - June 23, 2014

 "A country-by-country survey of the Obama administration’s actions in the Northern Triangle shows how the administration has sown instability in Central America by siding with former guerrillas who have ties to drug trafficking."

Chaos has erupted at the border with a sudden influx of Central American children entering America—illegally and alone.

Initially, the Obama administration tried to blame the exodus of adolescents on their desire to flee violence in their home countries.

Only lately has the White House bowed to reality and finally conceded what Democrats in Congress, The Washington Post and even Univision were already admitting that dreams of sanctuary under the DREAM Act had convinced Central American families to hand their children over to coyote networks that would take them across Mexico and the Rio Grande.

In other words, the administration had to admit that it had contributed to the problem by appearing to promise that children who crossed the border illegally would not be deported.
But the administration shouldn’t get a pass on the violent hell that has been unleashed in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The United States has great sway over what (in a less-enlightened age) used to be called America’s backyard.

The Obama administration knows it, too, because it wields that influence with gusto in Central America.

If it wanted to help quell the turmoil, it would pursue policies aimed at alleviating the crisis.

Instead, the administration props up bad actors who have always disliked America and beats up on long-standing friends.

The Northern Triangle nations of Central America are dangerous places.

·         Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world at 90.4 per 100,000 inhabitants;

·         El Salvador is No. 4 with a 41.22 rate and

·         Guatemala is No. 5 with 39.9.

 These statistics don’t show a spike in violence; they are largely unchanged from the numbers I discovered two years ago when researching a book on Hispanics.

Still, they are alarmingly high.

By comparison, the U.S. rate—the second highest in the thirty-four-member OECD—is “only” 5.2. (For wider context, France’s is 0.8; Britain’s is 0.3.)

 And the flight of children isn’t new either.

The U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement told me in January 2013 that some 2,179 unaccompanied minors from these three countries were in U.S. custody.

Because of the DREAM Act incentive, however, those numbers have become much worse this year.

More than 40,000 unaccompanied minors have come to the United States since January; the vast majority came from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

So, yes, the Northern Triangle is a desperate place.

A U.S. official, who recently visited the main prison in Guatemala, described it as a huge compound run entirely by MS-13 and Calle 18, two transnational crime organizations that can no longer simply be called gangs.

Each had its separate wing at the prison, prepared its own food and ran its own children’s centers, replete with toys, for when sons and daughters came to visit their fathers, he told me.

When they’re outside, they pressure Central Americans, including children, to enlist in the gangs—“or else.”

The army is completely overwhelmed.

These two gangs alone have an estimated 85,000 members in the three countries, compared with about 100,000 uniformed soldiers, many of whom cannot be relied upon.

So no wonder so many Central Americans are making the trek across Mexico to enter the United States, where they expect to get a permiso (permit).

Central America is messy.

Its problems are not self-contained, either—they affect us here at home.

It’s not just the question of minors flocking to our border with Mexico; transnational criminal organizations are vertically integrated in several criminal activities in cities throughout our country, especially just a few miles from the White House and Congress, as Maryland and Virginia have a high concentration of Central Americans.

But the region has faced problems before, and previous American presidents have stepped up.

Ronald Reagan, of course, comes to mind.

When the Soviets and the Cubans decided to make Central America a test of America’s resolve, Reagan answered the call.

He supported the Contras fighting the Marxist Sandinistas in Nicaragua.

He also backed El Salvador’s democratic president, Jose Napoleon Duarte, who was facing the equally Marxist guerrilla group the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN).

Reagan won both those fights and Nicaraguans and Salvadorans electorally supported the sides he had picked, throwing out the Sandinistas in Nicaragua and voting for Duarte in El Salvador.

Many of us have long been warning the Obama administration to step up and support those in the region who have been our allies for years, who have been inspired by American values and who want to emulate the American experiment.

 It is those people precisely that the Obama administration has punished, while supporting those factions and individuals who have long loathed the American “Yankee.”

A country-by-country survey of the Obama administration’s actions in the Northern Triangle shows how the administration has sown instability in Central America by siding with former guerrillas who have ties to drug trafficking.


Honduras presented the new Obama administration with one of its first foreign-policy tests.

On June 28, only six months after President Obama had come into office, the Honduran Congress and the Supreme Court issued a warrant for the arrest of President Manuel Zelaya and asked the Armed Forces to physically remove him from the country.

President Obama, it is now fair to say, botched that first test of Central American policy.

Zelaya had close ties to Hugo Chavez, the then president of Venezuela (a transit point for the drug shipments).

He was also an ally of every anti-American actor in Latin America and beyond (most notably, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega and the Castro brothers in Cuba).

Zelaya had tried to subvert Honduras’s constitution and stay in power, and when the country’s other legal institutions refused to budge, he tried to exploit fissures between the rich and the poor, calling mobs of his supporters to the streets.

The country was destabilized.

The Honduran Congress and high court acted entirely constitutionally.

So did the Armed Forces, which showed they did not lust for power by immediately handing power to a civilian interim president, who himself handed power to a popularly elected successor later that year.

The Supreme Court’s vote had been a unanimous 15-0, with eight of those fifteen votes coming from members of Zelaya’s own party.

But President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the action a military coup and terminated a broad range of assistance programs toward the impoverished country.

It also connived with the socialist Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza, to expel Honduras from the OAS.

(This is the same OAS that is now insisting that Cuba, under a fifty-five-year undemocratic communist dictatorship, must now be given membership.)

The Obama administration did recognize the free elections held in November 2009.

But when I went to Honduras a few months later, our friends there still wondered what had caused the administration to act in this manner.


In Guatemala, too, the Obama administration has played an activist role, again fighting a country’s own institutions and again propping up Marxists who have never liked the United States.

In this colorful country, where a twenty-first-century visitor can still see a Mayan past, the Obama administration seems to be relitigating Reagan’s legacy.

The administration’s interference this time has to do with the trial of Efrain Rios Montt, who was president for eighteen months after a 1982 coup.

During that time, the country was fighting a Cuban- and Soviet-supported Marxist insurgency, to which Rios Montt dealt severe setbacks.

He was tried in Guatemala in 2013 for “genocide” and found guilty, but the Constitutional Court annulled the conviction and set a retrial for next year.

The Court did so because the presiding judge, Yassmin Barrios, had removed Rios Montt’s lawyer during the trial and appointed two others to replace him without consulting with her defendant, violating his constitutional rights.

The Court also ruled earlier this year that Attorney General Claudia Paz y Paz must step down because she had interfered with the Rios Montt process.

The problem is, Barrios and Paz are favorites of Mrs. Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Earlier this year, Barrios received the State Department’s International Women of Courage Award in Washington, from none other than the First Lady, for her performance in the Rios Montt’s trial—the same performance that had moved the high court in Guatemala to throw out the conviction and the Guatemalan Bar Association to suspend Barrios for a year. U.S.

Ambassador Arnold Chacon cut a video in Spanish in which he said it had been “a privilege for my government to count on a partner like Dr. Paz y Paz.”

In fact, our embassy in Guatemala has interfered in the whole process from the start, issuing statements in Spanish only—in contravention of the usual practice that all statements from our embassies must be also in English, so we can know what’s going on back home—and making it clear that it wanted a guilty verdict for the eighty-one-year-old Rios Montt.

After Barrios and Paz were sanctioned, our embassy issued this statement: "For the proper functioning of democracies, independent and capable public servants are essential.

If judges are subject to threats and intimidation, justice will suffer."

The Bar Association canceled Barrios suspension after that, proving once again that the United States has plenty of influence in the country.

Unfortunately, this administration uses its influence for purposes that do not always seem to support U.S. interests.

Writing in May, Armando de la Torre from Guatemala’s renowned Francisco Marroquin University and Steve Hecht said:

The Obama administration’s blatant support for the ex-guerrillas of Guatemala shows the unvarnished Obama agenda. The U.S. embassy and its friends mercilessly oppose, with callous disregard for the facts, those Guatemalans who faithfully execute their duties. . .people who really do support the rule of law, and thereby threaten the leftist agenda.

El Salvador

If the Obama administration has been activist in Honduras and Guatemala, in El Salvador it has been strangely quiescent.

Our ambassador there—Mari Carmen Aponte, a leftist Obama appointee [1]—never lifted a finger to bring attention to the ties between the drug gangs and the man who was elected president in February, Salvador Sánchez Cerén.

Sánchez Cerén is in a class by himself.

A former Marxist guerrilla leader who has admitted to taking part in brutal killings, he is fiercely anti-American.

On September 11, 2001, he led a mob down San Salvador streets and burned the American flag in celebration of the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

Would action by Mrs. Aponte have made a difference in this year’s elections?

It might have; Sánchez Cerén was elected by a whisker, garnering 50.1 percent of the vote against 49.9 percent for his opponent.

Mrs. Aponte had plenty to work with had she wanted to request law enforcement sanctions against Sánchez Cerén and his cronies.

His FMLN party has well known links to MS-13 and Calle 18.

A close ally of Sánchez Cerén, José Luis Merino, is the well-documented connection between the FMLN, the FARC (the Colombian drug and terror group) and the Italian Mafia.

 The Wall Street Journal’s José de Cordoba reported:

…documents [which] show that the FARC has an international support network stretching from Madrid to Mexico City, Buenos Aires to Bern. Merino, the documents suggest, is a key link in that international chain, the FARC’s man in El Salvador, and one of the architects of an arms deal that includes everything from sniper rifles to ground-to-air missiles.

What to Do

Clearly, the Obama administration policy in Central America is not working.

We’re seeing the results not just at the border, but in the streets of our inner cities.

Equally clear is the way forward.

My colleague at The Heritage Foundation, Ana Quintana, offers the following steps:

  • Remove withholding requirements on foreign assistance to Honduras: Under the Obama administration, the United States has directly contributed to the country’s descent. Following Honduras’s constitutional crisis of 2009, the United States suspended critical aid and joint military operations, largely in the form of counternarcotics assistance. Land, sea and air counternarcotics operations along the Caribbean coast virtually halted, and they were weakened elsewhere. Drug trafficking organizations quickly filled the security vacuum. Since FY2012, Congress has withheld a minimum of 20 percent of security assistance. It maintained this provision in FY2013 and in FY2014, increased the hold to 35 percent, despite the country making great strides in both human rights and democratic governance. Congressional appropriators should ensure the FY2015 budget stops suppressing the U.S. security engagement.

  • Let Honduras repair its fleet of F-5 jet fighters. Congress recently blocked Israel from taking a contract to repair a fleet of Cold War-era F-5 jet fighters provided by the United States in the 1980s. Despite Honduras’ membership in the F-5 Technical Operation Group, the quality of the fleet leaves much to be desired. The Obama administration must recognize that repairing the fleet is a critical component in the country’s efforts to arrest both inbound and outbound drug flights. Honduras is currently the transit point for an estimated 79 percent of northbound South American drug flights, and this number is expected to increase. The repair of this fleet would support the country’s much-needed expansions in aeronautical radar technology.

  • Recognize Guatemala’s critical position and relieve burdensome legislative restrictions: Congressional restrictions on Foreign Military Financing (FMF) and International Military Education and Training (IMET) for Guatemala continue to undermine regional-security efforts. It hinders the promotion of human rights and reduces our ability to promote democratic values and professional military education. In 2013, U.S. Southern Command supported the new Guatemalan Interagency Task Force, which provides infrastructure and operational antitrafficking support along the Mexican-Guatemalan border. Yet FMF and IMET restrictions impede strengthening this cooperation. Guatemala shares a 600-mile border with Mexico and is the final Central American destination for individuals traveling from Honduras and El Salvador. Despite the long border, there are only eight formal points of entry. With the surge in unlawful border crossings, an estimated 350 informal crossings have been created. The United States should support Guatemala’s efforts to secure this border.

These simple steps would do a lot more for our country’s security than relitigating the 1980s. 

Mike Gonzalez, a senior fellow at The Heritage Foundation, served in the State Department in the George W. Bush administration and reported from Latin America, Europe and Asia during almost two decades as a journalist. His book, A Race For the Future, is due out in September.


[1] Note: Aponte’s nomination was held up in 2010 by then Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.). DeMint is now president of my employer, The Heritage Foundation.

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Pesticides commonly used on marijuana linked to Autism.


By Linda Taylor - The Stanislaus County Insider - - June 25, 2014
A new study released by U.C Davis found an alarming connection between organophosphates and neurobehavioral developmental delays in fetuses and children, even at low levels of exposure. 

The study found that women living within a mile of  agricultural fields that are sprayed with pesticides were much more likely to have children who are developmentally delayed and autistic, but it’s not just agricultural crops that are soaked in pesticides.

The marijuana boon is creating it’s own casualties. Pesticides commonly used on marijuana are Phosmet, Diazinon, and Avid.  

Organophosphates are derivatives of phosphonic acid, or OP for short, and are the basis for making pesticides, insecticides and herbicides including malathion, diazinon, phosmet, and avid.

The chemicals are reported to be highly toxic to humans, animals and bee’s.

According to an article by EvanMascagni, a leading marijuana testing facility has found that marijuana contains as much as 60 times the level of pesticides that is allowed for store bought food items, but marijuana is not even regulated for pesticide use.

 To make matters worse, Jeffrey Raber presented a study to Humboldt State University that concluded as much as 70% of the pesticides sprayed on marijuana buds can be transferred to inhaled smoke.

“I think that what's so alarming to us is that such a huge amount of pesticide material could be transferred,” Raber said.

“And, you have to consider that when you inhale (something), it's much like injecting it directly into your blood stream.”

Raber also claims the use of pesticides on marijuana is illegal in California but it hasn’t stopped profiteers who continue to thumb their noses at serious health concerns. 

Jane Weirick Carlson, (Sister Mary Jane) was a buyer for the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club and founder of Patients Resource Center in San Francisco.

As part of her job as a buyer she handled crude marijuana on a daily basis and was concerned to find out that several growers were using very high levels of pesticides on their indoor grows.

She developed a rare nerve disorder that many are blaming on her exposure to the organophosphate pesticide Avid.

An article on the Examiner say’s she was a pioneer and prominent figure in the marijuana movement.

Here’s an excerpt from the article “As a buyer, and a manager of teams of trimmers and packagers, she (Jane) handled marijuana all day long every day for a decade.

And that's what killed her.

Not the marijuana, but pesticides which were both absorbed through her skin and inhaled and, possibly, ingested.

Avid is the prime suspect.”.

Jane Weirick Carlson died the age of 46.

Water doesn’t work well as a filter for marijuana soaked in pesticides. 

It doesn’t remove enough of the toxin.

Pesticide levels even after filtering through a water pipe, vaping machine or e cigarette, are still very high with pesticides that were never meant to be ingested by humans to begin with.

Organophosphate are nerve agents, the same thing used in Vietnam's agent orange nightmare. 

Organic marijuana in California is almost non existent.

According to marijuana activists, it’s cost prohibitive. 

Austism is a neurological disorder that causes sensory overload.

It’s the inability to appropriately respond to your surroundings.

It’s an over or under sensitivity to pain, sound, emotions and behavior.

It’s marked differences in perceptions and thought processes.

In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control determined that approximately1 in 68 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in the United States.

In 2012 the rate of autism was 1 in 88.

Two years later it has increased by 30 percent.

From 1993 to 2003, there has been a 657% increase in the nationwide rate of autism.

It is the fastest growing serious disability in the US, with no medical detection or cure available.

Boys are nearly 5 times as likely to have autism, and it costs the average family $60K a year to care for an autistic child.
Only 56% of children graduate from high school.

The organophosphates used on marijuana are not monitored.

In fact no one is monitoring pesticide levels, or doing much to stop the overuse and abuse of pesticides on marijuana, and this highly toxic marijuana is being sold at dispensaries across the state, as dispensary owners, growers, and others who profit from the industry continue to turn a cold shoulder, as they deliberately mislead the public into thinking marijuana is safer then alcohol.

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The Free Ride is Over as Panic Sets In

By Ron Kirkish, Publisher, - "The Truth and Nothing but the Truth"

June 24, 2014
The Pro-Pot Heads worst nightmare has arrived with the advent of CBD; a derivative of marijuana used for medicine without the euphoric high and now the panic has set in.  The pot heads have called this “CBD-Marijuana” (also called Charlottes-Web)
NORML deceitfully created the “Medicinal” marijuana ruse in the hopes of riding its coattails to achieve their ultimate goal of “Recreational” marijuana using what is called high “THC-Marijuana” and now “Euphoric Marijuana”.
They also predicted that once the Pot Genie was out of the bottle, it could never be put back in; after all, who could have figured that their ruse would turn out to be their own undoing?
While the pot heads have been using the medical marijuana tactic to play on the sympathy of the uninformed folks in America, the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) has been working with GW Pharmaceuticals to test its cannabis derivatives, Sativex and Epidiolex. 
Both of these drugs are far along in the FDA approval process with "Sativex" in the 3rd and final phase of the trial and "Epidiolex" recently being given “Orphan Drug” status.  These drugs are in the category of “CBD” marijuana meaning they do not cause the patient to become “Euphoric” or more commonly stated as “Stoned”.
Recently, a progress report on the efficacy of Epidiolex was published showing that patients receiving the drug have enjoyed positive and remarkable results from their maladies.
While this is wonderful news for many who are suffering from illnesses such as Dravet Syndrome (also known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy) it has turned into a nightmare for pot heads who want to smoke or eat their high THC pot for purely recreational gratification.
Meanwhile, the scientific evidence is quickly growing and warning that “THC-Marijuana causes serious and permanent damage to the human brain.
 Dr.Nora Volkow, Director of NIDA
Recent PET Brain ScanTechnology used by Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA – a Division of the US Department HHS) shows that the human brain suffers significant and permanent brain damage from THC-Marijuana abuse. 

As a bi-product of this damage, society is beginning to witness significant negative effects: psychosis including schizophrenia and paranoia, sudden cardiac arrest and death, addiction, suicidal depressioncancers of the head ,neck and testis, fetal defects and addiction, diminished achievement and significant loss of IQ, lost productivity, increasing welfare and traffic deaths, increased high school dropout rates, increased anti-social behavior, and increased criminal activity associated with marijuana abuse including death due to hallucinations and murder.

With the “Vice Jaws” of [CBD – Marijuana] and [growing scientific evidence] beginning to crush the veracity out of the pot head ruse, it is no wonder that panic and paranoia is beginning to set in.

Several states that have recently voted for medical marijuana have approved it for "CBD-Marijuana" only; at great angst to the pot heads and their agenda per the excerpt below:

 "By the end of this week, it seems North Carolina could become the 12th CBD-Only state, joining Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri (awaiting governor’s signature), New York (governor’s executive order), South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin." 
The Ship of  Recreational Marijuana has set sail and is sailing over the horizon without them.

'Bon Voyage'

Monday, June 23, 2014

To All US Senators

By Roger Morgan - June 23, 2014
Re:      Please Vote No on Rand Paul/Cohen Amendment Protecting Drug Traffickers from US. Drug Laws 



THE GOVERNMENT’S MOST IMPORTANT JOB IS TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE FROM HARMIt is unconscionable that the branch of our government that makes the laws would prevent the DEA from enforcing them by withholding federal funds.  It is equally absurd that the Executive Branch would simply choose not to enforce CSA laws in defiance of all scientific evidence from the FDA, NIDA, DEA,  AMA, ONDCP and others, not to mention international treaty obligations and federal laws which they are obligated to faithfully execute. 
STATES DON’T HAVE A RIGHT TO CULTIVATE OR DISTRIBUTE ILLICIT DRUGSCultivating and distributing marijuana is not a State’s right issue when the death, destruction and economic harm falls on all Americans.  Marijuana produced and distributed in individual states flows throughout the U.S., while converting otherwise healthy young people into zombies who will become liabilities to all US taxpayers.

MARIJUANA IS NOT MEDICINEThere is no medicine in the world that is smoked as a delivery vehicle, or with potency (i.e. THC) levels of 20 to 37% in smoke form, even 90% in wax form.  CBD, the component of the plant that may have medicinal value, is bred out in favor of THC, the psychoactive ingredient, so it isn't even medicine to begin with. It will never meet the criteria of uniform ingredients, potency or dosage for safety and efficacy. 

EDUCATE THE PUBLIC:  Marijuana causes permanent brain damage, psychosis including schizophrenia and paranoia, crime, birth defects, addiction, suicidal depression, diminished academic achievement, lost productivity, more welfare and more traffic deaths.  It is the gateway to drugs that kill 105 Americans daily, like heroin, just from overdose.  The federal government, with access to the best scientific evidence in the world, needs to protect the public from what they don’t know, while educating them so they are not vulnerable to propaganda from American drug cartels. Marijuana is destroying the brains of our young people and the future of America.

MISUSE OF FEDERAL FUNDS: Rather than withhold funds from those charged to enforce the law, the government should impose economic sanctions on states and local communities that violate the law.  To allow States to profit from illicit drug sales, then reward them for violating CSA laws and International Treaties, is absurd.  If you reward crime, you will get more of it.

“TEEN SUBSTANCE ABUSE IS THE LARGEST PREVENTABLE AND MOST COSTLY PUBLIC HEALTH PROBLEM IN AMERICA”[i]:  ONDCP pegs the cost at $193 billion for law enforcement and lost productivity, but add health costs of $700 billion ( CASA); school dropouts $470 billion[ii]; mental illness $174 billion[iii]; welfare costs $136 billion, conservatively estimated at 20% of total; and traffic accidents and fatalities at $59.9 billion[iv]; and the total exceeds $1.7 billion per annum.  Marijuana use peaks at age 19 and 20, and starts at age 12 or 13 on average.  Prevent the problem, and save lives and cut hundreds of billions in taxpayer expense.


Roger Morgan, Founder, Take Back America Campaign Lincoln, Ca. 95648 (916) 434 5629

[i] The National Center For Substance Abuse and Addiction (CASA Columbia)
[ii] UC Santa Barbara High School Dropout Research Project.  $387,000 life time cost per drop out. 
[iii] Dr. Joel Hay, University of California Los Angeles
[iv] Dr. Robert DuPont – Institute of Behavior and Health (