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This article was originally published a few days ago.  Since then, today, August 05, 2014, the County of Santa Clara, CA (Silicon Valley) Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to ban marijuana dispensaries.  So much for the popularity of marijuana in California.

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Link to August 05, 2014 County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors meeting when they voted to ban marijuana dispensaries.

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Ron Kirkish

The City of San Jose, California recently passed a medical marijuana ordinance that the Pro-Marijuana Advocates say is really a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries. 

In-other-words, the ordinance is a round hole while the dispensaries are square pegs……..and a fit is impossible.

San Jose, being the 3rd largest city in the State of California and the 10th largest in America, was expected to be a huge prize for the Pro-Marijuana Advocates in the hope to further their agenda to ultimately legalize marijuana in California and to also use it as a propaganda tool to convince other states to legalize marijuana.

As was expected, the Pro-Marijuana Advocates fought hard to override the recently approved medical marijuana ordinance.  Their leaders; Dave Hodges (owner of the All Cannabis Club), John Anthony (marijuana attorney), threatened San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed and the city administration that they were going to organize a “Occupy San Jose” protest and bring in thousands of protesters and to also gather signatures to place a referendum on the November/2014 ballot to override the ordinance.

After all the bluster and threatening remarks the planned attack on San Jose was a fizzle; a total failure.   

And this failure is a “Stake in the Heart” of the Pro-Marijuana Advocates as Californians across the state are saying “NO” to marijuana and have been since the defeat of Prop 19 in 2010.

It is a fact (and a statistic that the pro-marijuana advocates are trying to keep secret) that the “large” majority of cities (>200) and counties across California have already banned marijuana dispensaries in their communities.  And every attempt by the pro-marijuana advocates to attack these cities in the courts to override their bans has failed; all the way to the California Supreme Court.

Then on November 2, 2010, the Citizens of California defeated Proposition 19,to legalize pot by 53.5% of the popular vote. 

Fast forward to the 2012 ballot and the Citizens of California witnessed that the pot advocates were barely able to gather enough signatures to place a marijuana referendum on the ballot for four separate cities, and the citizens in every single city voted overwhelmingly to ban them, including the cities in the County of San Diego and Palo Alto of:

1.     Solana Beach (61.93% voted to ban),

2.     Del Mar (56% voted to ban),

3.     Lemon Grove (60.3% to voted ban)

4.     and PaloAlto (62.11% voted to ban). 

Then it should be remembered that the pro-pot advocates tried gathering signatures to place four separate measures on the November, 2014 ballot to legalize marijuana and each one failed miserably to obtain the required 504,760 signatures.

This huge failure in San Jose is yet another example of the continuing downward trend showing the world the pot heads are losing city after city, up and down California.

The Citizens of California have seen enough, have had enough and they’re taking California back!

Ronald L. Kirkish

Coalition for a Drug Free California – Member of the Board of Directors

International Faith Based Coalition

Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana