Friday, September 5, 2014

Turkey Warns Russia it Will Blockade Bosphorus if Violence Occurs

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A few months ago, Turkey met with between 50 to 100 different Crimean Tartar groups to discuss the Russian annexation of The Crimean and current attacks by Russian troops (usually falsely described as Ukrainian Rebel Troops by Russia) in Eastern Ukraine.

While the numbers vary, the most recent numbers of Crimea Tartars I was able to find was 650,000, while there were other Tartar groups such as, Volga Tartars (~500,000), Lipka Tartars, Astrakhan Tartars, Siberian Tartars, and their estimated numbers are over 6 million. 

So, there is quite a large number of Crimean Tartars available for recruitment to fight the Russians should Putin decide to continue his attacks on the Ukraine. 

I also shared information regarding the “Mothers of Russia” and their exposure of Russian military troops coming home in pine boxes; and the Russian government refusing to tell them why.

Here is another article regarding the Nation of Turkey warning Russia that it will blockade the Bosphorus Sea inlet if Russia continues to promote violence in the Ukraine and essentially bottling up their Black Sea Fleet and making them sitting ducks in the water. 

And, just so you know, today the US announced that it is sending more US Naval ships into the Black Sea should Russia decide to confront Turkey; probably over Turkeys threat to blockade the Bosphorus.

I also informed you that I spent a year in Turkey in the City of Trabzon at a listening post there, at US Air Force -TUSLOG DET 3-1.  We also had a listening post at the City of Samsun, just up the coast on the Black Sea, TUSLOG DET 3-2

You will find the location of Trabzon and Samsun on the map in the article and they are both located on the Black Sea near the Country of Georgia, and across the Black Sea you will find the Ukraine and the Crimea...........Russia invaded Georgia a few years ago when George W. Bush was president and as you know, it has now invaded the Ukraine and annexed the Crimea.

Now that Putin has invaded both Georgia and the Ukraine, you can better understand why other nations that share a border with Russia are so concerned and why the United States and NATO are now starting to take serious steps to reign-in Putin.

Putin boasts that he can overrun the Kiev within two you can see from this article, it would be extremely unwise for him to even try. 

His soldiers are already beginning to come home (in ever larger numbers) to their mothers and fathers in body bags with no explanation as to why from the Russian authorities.

You may have also noticed that this was not noted in the US Press; to the best of my knowledge and at this time.

Ron Kirkish.

By Mat Babiak, September 02, 2014

According to diplomatic sources, Turkey has threatened Russia with a blockade of the Bosphorus Strait
The threat to close the Bosphorus to Russia comes from a report by Hvylya, citing a Turkish diplomatic source.

According to the source, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan yesterday spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone and warned of the consequences for conflict with Ukraine.

The Hvylya source was also reported on by UNIAN.

Concerns were also raised about the possible threat to ethnic Crimean Tatars in the region, citing recent murders and communications with Tatar leadership.
Erdogan’s call to Putin warned that if Russia invades Ukraine, and so-called ‘Crimean self-defense’ forces engage in violence against the Tatar minority, Turkey will be forced to close passage into the Black Sea to Russian ships.

Extranational protection of ethnic minorities was originally used as pretext for the Russian invasion of Crimea.
In a separate announcement, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmet Davutoglu, said Moscow was pursing “self-willed policy” in the region and urged Russia to respect the territorial integrity of its neighboring countries.

“The security of Tatars is the main strategic priority for Turkey,” he remarked.
“Pandora’s box should not be opened. If you create a de facto situation in Ukraine, this will have a domino effect on all the countries in the Eurasia region,” Davutoglu said in televised remarks made the day of the Russian implemented referendum.
While the sea-port of Sevastopol has been lauded for its strategic importance as the only warm water port in the Black Sea Russia controls, restriction to it would be a self-made prison.

Russian activity in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean is dependent on this passage to Crimea, and restriction would cut off arms shipments between Russia and the Syrian port in Tartus, as as well as lucrative arms deals with Egypt.
As Amatzia Baram of Haaretz writes, “for Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Sevastopol port is indirectly the key to Syria and perhaps to Egypt and the entire Mediterranean in the future.”