Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Bold Thing This Priest Just Said May Make Him One Of The Most Hated Men In The World

Dear All,

 With the recent beheadings of several citizens from America, UK, and France, [and promising more to come] western civilization is quickly coming to understand that Muslims have a very wicked agenda.
This agenda includes a recent warning from an Iraqi diplomat that ISIL has targeted Pope Francis for assassination.
This important article by the retired Rev. James V. Schall explains this Muslim agenda which is to forcefully impose Islam on the whole world.
The readers should be aware that ISIL has destroyed some of the holiest sites of Shia Islam.
They have also struck and destroyed places of worship in the Yazidi religion and Christianity.
They have forced over 150,000 Christians to flee Mosul alone; many of those unfortunate Christians that got caught were tortured and murdered by beheadings and crucification or summarily shot and killed and their bodies unceremoniously dumped in mass graves.  The women being raped and killed too.
ISIL and others Muslims are on the march to fulfill their mission and agenda; by torturing and killing innocents in the name of their “Allah”.
America and the civilized nations of the world has to meet their threat head on; and like the Nazi’s, totally destroy it for the sake of all humanity.
 Ron Kirkish
The Bold Thing This Priest Just Said May Make Him One Of The Most Hated Men In The World
A priest with nearly 50 years of experience teaching from the Roman Catholic Church’s largest religious order wrote that Islam’s objective “is to extend its rule, in the name of Allah, to all the world,” and submits “ecumenism and liberalism both… make it difficult to deal with what is happening Islamic states.”

Retired political science professor Rev. James V. Schall, S.J., member of the Society of Jesus, commonly known as the Jesuits, wrote an essay last month for Mercatornet, which also appeared in Crisis Magazine, explaining what Islam is seeking to accomplish–worldwide conversion.
“The purpose of Islam, with the often violent means it can and does use to accomplish it, is to extend its rule, in the name of Allah, to all the world. 

“The world cannot be at ‘peace’ until it is all Muslim. The ‘terror’ we see does not primarily arise from modern totalitarian theories, nationalism, or from anywhere else but what is considered, on objective evidence, to be a faithful reading of a mission assigned by Allah to the Islamic world, which has been itself largely procrastinating about fulfilling its assigned mission.” 

Schall, who taught for several years at various locations before retiring in December2012, including Gregorian University in Rome and Georgetown University, condemns “Western thinkers” for their “narrow views” when it comes to writing off ISIS and other like groups as just extremists and not of Islam. 

“To look elsewhere for an explanation is simply not to see what the Islamic State and its friends are telling us about why they act as they do. 

 The tendency among pragmatic Western thinkers, locked into their own narrow views, is to exclude any such motivation as an excuse of raw power. 

This view shows the intellectual shortcomings of Western leaders and the narrowness of much Western thought. 

“Jihadism, as it were, is a religious movement before it is anything else. Allah does grant violence a significant place. 

 It is over the truth of this position, or better the inability to disprove it, that the real controversy lies.”

Rev. Schall also writes that when Islam was founded, it was intended to be the “world religion.” 

“It is to bring the whole world to worship Allah according to the canons of the Qur’an. 

It is a belief, based on a supposed revelation to Mohammed, of which there is little evidence. 

“Sufficient justification to expand this religion, once founded, to all the world by use of arms is found in the Qur’an and in its interpreters to explain the violent means used, often successfully, to establish, pacify, and rule tribes, states, territories, and empires. 

“In Muslim doctrine, everyone born into the world is a Muslim.

 No one has any right or reason not to be.

 Hence, everyone who is not a Muslim is to be converted or eliminated. 

This is also true of the literary, monumental, and other signs of civilizations or states that are not Muslim. 

 They are destroyed as not authorized by the Qur’an. 

“It is the religious responsibility of Islam to carry out its assigned mission of subduing the world to Allah. 

 When we try to explain this religion in economic, political, psychological, or other terms, we simply fail to see what is going on.” 

Schall notes that whenever violence occurs in the Islamic world, or anything is done in the name of Allah, almost no Muslim voices speak out condemning the action. 

“When the original 9/11 happened, there was not condemnation coming from within Islam, but widespread celebration. 

 Islam was seen as winning.

But all Muslim scholars know that they cannot, on the basis of the Qur’an, condemn the use of violence to expand their religion. 

 There is simply too much evidence that this usage is permitted. 

To deny it would be to undermine the integrity of the Qur’an.”