Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Associated Press/San Bernardino Sun Publish Letter to the Editor by Ronald L. Kirkish on Alarming Situation with Santa Cruz Marijuana Laws and Related Crime

Lax marijuana laws do more harm than good


In his May 12 column, John Weeks decided to take issue with fact that the city of San Bernardino has started to close up all the marijuana dispensaries since the recent California Supreme Court decision that allows cities to ban dispensaries.

I would like Mr. Weeks and readers to see and read the truth about the damage that marijuana does to a community.

Just over a month ago now, two Santa Cruz police detectives were murdered by a mentally deranged individual with a history of a long criminal record. Since these deaths, the Santa Cruz Sentinel has published several articles and an editorial exposing the truth that the city's liberal and progressive policies created a "beacon" drawing drug addicts, criminals, murders, robberies, homeless, and so much more. The statistics show that since Santa Cruz's liberalization of drug policy, its children's abuse of marijuana and other drugs far exceeds that of all other cities all across America.

The citizens of Santa Cruz have had enough and have formed a group named "Take Back Santa Cruz" to fight for their right for a safe and drug-free environment.

Santa Cruz was one of the first cities in America to allow the marijuana dispensaries to openly sell their product. It is also one of the first cities to create an ordinance making marijuana "the lowest of the low" crimes. It would do well for Mr. Weeks to do a little fact-checking into the suffering the city of Santa Cruz is now going through because of its elected officials' liberal policies on drugs. Let Santa Cruz be the model for why one should never to listen to those who would say otherwise.

-- Ronald L. Kirkish, Coalition for a Drug Free California advisory board member