Monday, June 10, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Drugs and Drug Addiction have no Religious Preference

The New York Times
620 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10018

 To the Editor:

 As an African-American who works to rehabilitate drug addicts, I am dismayed to see the plight of black Americans used to push a pro-legalization agenda. Most black men in prison for drugs are in for crimes committed because they were under the influence. By increasing availability, legalization would increase drug abuse and the number of men and women behind bars—black, white and Hispanic. Simple possession represents a tiny minority of prison inmates. Drug abuse is the greatest destroyer of individuals and families, and marijuana is not innocent. Tens of thousands do worse in school and later in life because of this drug. Teenagers who smoke marijuana regularly drop out at twice the rate of non-users. Those who care about racial injustice will note that black men are disproportionately imprisoned for all types of crimes, not just drugs. Legalizing marijuana will worsen, not improve, the lives of black men, women and children.

 Bishop, Dr. Ron Allen

International Faith Based Coalition
P.O.Box 5062 Sacramento Ca. 95818