Friday, May 23, 2014

Dr. Paul Chabot, P.h.D for US Congress - California District 31

Dear All,

It is not often that Americans have a clear choice when selecting a candidate to represent them in the US Congress, House of Representatives. 

Today, the Citizens in California’s District 31 have that choice.

Candidate Dr. Paul Chabot has spent his entire life in preparation for this moment to serve you.

His preparation includes the following service to America:

1.     "Presidential Fellow" for the President Bill Clinton White House.

2.     "Senior Advisor" for the President Bush White House.

3.     He has also served in the:

a.     Pentagon,

b.    US State Department,

c.      US Congress,

d.    US Department of Justice,

e.      California’s Governor’s Office as a three-term parole board commissioner; unanimously confirmed by the California Senate.

4.     Paul is also a US Naval and Defense Intelligence Officer serving the nations war effort in Iraq; in the field of battle along with units of the “Special Forces” to gather intelligence on the enemy including the terrorist group - Al Qaeda.

5.     He also authored the book, “Eternal Battle Against Evil” 

To protect our society and her children from the scourge of drug abuse, Dr. Chabot founded the Coalition for a Drug Free California.  CDFC is among the largest efforts in the State of California and is gaining attention nationwide.

Ronald L. Kirkish
[Publisher of "The Truth and Nothing but the Truth"]




Dr. Paul Chabot, Ph.D., Naval Officer
Candidate for the US House of Representatives
CA. 31st  Congressional District
Having been involved in volunteer police work for over 19-years, I have worked for positive change in our communities.
 In high school at the age of 16, I became a Sheriff Explorer Scout. Like any young kid, I was excited about the opportunity to sit in a real police car and turn on the lights and sirens. After five-years as an Explorer going on ride-alongs with full-fledged Deputies, I paid my way through the Reserve Sheriff's Academy in the evenings while attending college at Cal State University San Bernardino. It took over a year, but I eventually completed all three levels of police training so that I could serve as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff.
 In 1995, I was sworn in as Reserve Deputy Sheriff and assigned to Central Station. I patrolled the unincorporated areas of the county in and around San Bernardino.
Like a regular full-time deputy, I responded to calls and witnessed firsthand the best and worst of people. There were many long and hot days but I always appreciated the ability to help protect my community, especially the children.
 Serving as a Reserve in law enforcement, and in the military, where I also serve has been the cornerstone of my personal and professional development, for nearly 2-decades. I earned basic military pay while on duty and no-pay as a reserve deputy sheriff. I served not for the money, but for the mission - to protect and to serve.
One of the most humbling experiences in life is asking others for help, and that's why I'm writing this letter. I'm now polling in first place among all seven candidates. What typically, and sadly happens in a campaign is that a first-place polling candidate will often come under attack from other campaigns lacking honor, ethics and integrity. This race is no different.
A mailer was sent out by one of my opponents who chose to make up a career I never had. They altered my physical appearance in another attempt to deceit the voters. They discredited my true service, which is that of a United States military officer, veteran and unpaid volunteer Deputy Sheriff Reserve.
 If a candidate is willing to go this far by discrediting a veteran, how far will they go when in office? We have enough problems in America today with corrupt politicians and selfish insiders who care only about their personal gain by stepping on the back of others.
I will fight to bring integrity back to public office, but I can't do it alone. That's why, now more than ever, I need your donation so I can respond accordingly to these attacks.
I polled the highest in a recent democrat poll of all voters - and I'm a Republican. I also earned the highest percentage of Republican and Democrat votes among my two GOP opponents combined. This poll sent a strong message to my opponents; I can not only win the highest amount of Republican votes, but I can also earn a percentage of the Democrat votes which negates the Democrat voter registration advantage in this district.
Help me fight on and finish strong.
Please go my website and donate right now at and click the donate tab. Or contact me with how to send a check at 
Yours truly,

Paul Chabot, 40, is a military officer, small business owner and law enforcement veteran. He has the real life experience to truly understand the challenges Californians face. He is a proven leader with a track record of getting things done.
Paul Chabot served in the Clinton White House as a Presidential Fellow and later in the Bush White House as a Senior Advisor. He also served in the Pentagon, U.S. State Department, U.S. Congress, U.S. Department of Justice and in the California Governor's Office as a three-term parole board commissioner, unanimously confirmed by the Senate. He has 13-years of military experience and deployed with Special Operation Forces to Iraq in 2008. Paul has a B.A. from Cal-State San Bernardino, a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Southern California and a Doctorate in Executive Leadership from the George Washington University.  He resides in Rancho Cucamonga with his wife and four children.