Wednesday, May 28, 2014

POT HEADS, aka Drug Pushers/Addicts

VERACITY - Definition:  the truth, accuracy, or precision of something.

Americans [both young and old] across the nation are seriously questioning the veracity of those like NORML, ASA, DPA, MPP, and others who continue to use old, worn out talking points in the hopes of converting America from a  wholesome culture to a culture of drug abuse; in the likeness of the Latin American Narco-Nations in Central and South America.

Thanks to the great work of many scientist and research institutions across the world from France, England, New Zealand, America, and several other countries, the truth about the terrible and tragic damage marijuana is doing to the human is getting the attention of the Citizens across the United States; and the world.  The evidence is now overwhelming; with every new scientific publication showing marijuana is a dangerous drug.

Recent poll #1 and another poll #2, [CBS Poll]shows America and the world that the folks are now having second thoughts about marijuana for both medical and recreational use and the poll numbers supporting the legalization of marijuana are now beginning to decline.

We have already seen this in California when the ballot poll taken in November/2010 showed the Citizens of California were tired of the Pot Head lies and soundly defeated Proposition 19 to legalize marijuana.  Recently, the pro-pot lobby even failed miserably to gather enough signatures when trying to place four propositions to legalize marijuana on the November/2014 ballot.

Since that eventful day in 2010, even more cities and counties across California have banned marijuana dispensaries within their jurisdiction at the consternation of the Pro-Pot Lobby.  Well over 85% of the cities and counties of California have either banned marijuana, have moratorium in place, or have created ordinances that keep marijuana out of their city or county limits. 

The City of San Jose, the 3rd largest city in California, is currently creating an ordinance that has the pot-lobbyist up in arms and threatening the city officials that they will do what ever they can to stop the ordinance from ever taking effect.  At the recent San Jose City Council meeting, several citizens spoke before the council about all the damage that the pot stores and their customers are doing to their neighborhoods, and the businesses located nearby.  They are angry, they have had enough, and they want an ordinance to ban marijuana dispensaries within the jurisdiction of the city.  By my count, over 45 people went to the San Jose City Council meeting to express their desire to close the dispensaries down and far fewer spoke in favor of the dispensary's; yes, attitudes are changing in the 3rd largest City of California.

For those of you who want to know the truth about marijuana and the damage it does to the human brain, I have added some powerful scientific information for your consideration below.

You will find the first link, "People voting with out knowledge" by Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute of Drugs (NIDA) of particular interest.

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NIDA: Marijuana   (Research Report Series – Revised July, 2012 – NIH Publication # 12-3859)

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