Saturday, July 12, 2014

Calls for the Impeachment of Barack Obama

By Ronald L. Kirkish
July 12, 2014

Calls for impeaching President Barack Obama are becoming louder and often.  Yet, the leadership of the Republican Party admonishes that they have no stomach for following through with this process.  Why?

The Republican leadership rationalizes that the experience of impeaching President Bill Clinton backfired and hurt the Republican Party instead of Clinton and they don’t want to repeat the mistake.

However, one must remember the history of why the Republicans impeached Clinton……it was for lying under oath to Congress for denying having a mutually agreeable affair with a young [adult] intern.

The Citizens of America had been dragged through this political morass for over a year and had come to recognize the ugliness of politics; the waste of millions of taxes dollars on what they considered a purely political vendetta.  That there were bigger problems in our country that went unresolved because of all the attention paid to this issue along with wasting time and money on a political diversion.

So, what is different today and why should the Republicans seriously consider impeaching Obama?

First of all the polls show us that the popularity for this president is among the lowest, if not the lowest of any president in history (including former President Jimmy Carter)……..and for good reasons.

1.     President Obama swore, with his right hand on the "Holy Bible" to uphold the Constitutional laws of our nation and since then he has refused to do so on several occasions........apparently, the fingers on his left hand were behind his back and crossed.
2. Obama has arrogantly and willfully mocked our founders concerns of "Separation of Powers" when illegally usurping the legislative powers of the US Congress by writing and implementing his own legislation or simply overriding and ignoring legislation and laws that don't meet his political philosophies and purposes. (in effect ruling as a Imperial King over his Kingdom of America; our forefathers intended that the "Rule of Law" be the King and no one is above the law including the president.  In effect, Obama and US Attorney General Eric Holder have combined their powers to be the rulers over the law, placing the courts as the only obstacle to their scheme's) 

3.     Gross negligence in upholding our nations laws regarding Domestic and Foreign Policies combined with criminal and non-criminal scandals.

a.     IRS scandal; Originally the administration admitted that illegal targeting of conservative groups did happen, but it was by rouge IRS Agents; a story which has since been debunked.  Now the IRS is trying to protect others higher up in the chain of authority by claiming Lois Lerner's (former IRS Administrator) emails over a two year period have been lost; along with the emails of six others in authority.  A rather convenient and opportune course of events for Ms. Lerner and the Obama Administration.

b.  Benghazi scandal; intentionally lying to the Citizens of America by creating a false narrative that the attack was instigated by a video instead of a terrorist attack. (costing the lives of our American Ambassador and three others – but what difference does it make, per former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?)

c.      Failure to defend the Controlled Substance Act (CSA): On August 29, 2013, the Obama Administration (via the Cole memo) intentionally refused to Federally Enforce  the CSA, allowing Washington and Colorado to legalize marijuana and thus intentionally defying our nation’s drug laws and not upholding his sworn duty to defend our nations constitutional laws.

d.     Failure to uphold America’s Drug Treaty with the United Nations and other countries. (same as above)

e.     Obama's failure to strongly defend our nation’s  illegal immigration laws to protect America’s Southern Border with Mexico.  His failure to perform his sworn duty to defend our immigration laws has encouraged 10's of thousands of illegal Aliens (including thousands of children) from Mexico and other Latin American nations to flood across our border, creating a huge humanitarian disaster.

f.       Intentionally overriding the legislative responsibility of the US Congress by illegally legislating using Executive Order (as determined by the 13 recent US Supreme Court Decisions against the Obama Administration that the administration exceeded its authority)

g.  Intentionally lying to the Citizens of America in regards to Affordable Care Act - ACA (alias: Obama Care).  He has since illegally abused his authority to  litigate temporary delay's to several aspects of the ACA to appease Unions and others for political benefit at the ballot box.

3.     Gross negligence in Foreign Policy; including European, Middle East, and the Far East.

a.     Refusing to enforce a self-imposed “Red Line” after Syria killed thousands of men, women and children with “Gas – defined as an Illegal Weapon of Mass Destruction”.

b.     Leaving the Country of Iraq totally undefended thus allowing it to become a much more explosive danger as a terrorist state in the region and  a danger to America’s National Security.

c.       The Obama Administration intentionally projected weakness to our adversaries which cheerfully  encouraged Russian President Vladimir Putin to illegally invade and annex the Territory of Crimea from the Ukraine; which is also a danger and concern to our NATO Ally, Turkey.

d.     This same projection of Obama weakness has also encouraged the Communist President of China (Xi Jinping) to intimidate other nations in the Far East; including the nations of the Philippines, Japan, Vietnam, and Korea, and has also piqued the concerns of New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, among others in the region; and recently, China has publicly threatened America, warning that there "will" be serious consequences if America does not change its unfriendly policies in the far east at the expense of our SEATO Allies, including Taiwan……please know that the Citizens of Hong Kong have been protesting in the streets against recent political demands by the Chinese Government to change their quality of Democratic political life to be more inline with the Communist Main Land.

4.     Obama refuses to fully honor several of the United Nations treaty’s our nation is signatory too.  In fact, the president arrogantly ignored warning letters from the leadership of the "United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime - UNODC"  notifying Obama he was in direct conflict and was obliged by American and International Law to enforce the following treaties [after single handedly abrogating America's treaty's without following the proper legal avenues stipulated by our laws, including bypassing the US Congress]:

a.     The 1988 United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances

b.     The 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs

c.      And the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances.

And finally, all of these reasons (amongst many others) amount to the much more serious crime of not upholding his sworn duties, and dereliction of duty, than lying to Congress over an illicit affair. 
American should not have to suffer another two years of a "Feckless and Reckless" Barack Obama as President of the United States...frankly it is just too dangerous.

May "God Bless America"

Ron Kirkish