Monday, July 21, 2014

World Conflict: Russia, Ukraine/Crimea, and Turkey

Dear All,
The article below is regarding the Countries of Russia and Turkey and was published on March 04, 2014.  It is a warning to readers from across the world providing some insight into the perils of a likely regional war caused by the dangerous and reckless President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. 
US Senator Dianne Feinstein
The readers should also be aware that yesterday [July 20, 2014] on the Sunday News Shows, US Senator Dianne Feinstein stated, “Feinstein: US Now in a Cold War With Russia”. 
The senators comment comes after Russia has already forcefully and militarily annexed Turkey’s neighbor just across the Black Sea, the “Crimea”, and then after a Russian missile shot down a plane carrying innocent civilians [Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17] killing all 298 passengers [men, women, young children, and babies] and crew, as Russia stubbornly continues to pursue its conflict with the Country of the Ukraine in their desire to annex the area called the “Eastern Ukraine”.

The Russian missile was fired from just inside Ukraine, adjacent to their border with Russia and in territory occupied and controlled by the Russians and their surrogates.
The Nation of Turkey is a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and also a neighbor in the Geopolitical region of the Ukraine and Russia (which also includes the Country of Georgia that Putin militarily invaded in 2008 during the George W. Bush presidency).  
As such, Turkey is keenly aware and extremely concerned about Russia’s military  adventurism in the region; as you will read in the article below. 
Also, Turkey and Russia have historically been ardent enemies meaning that Russia can probably count on Turkey to aid and abet disaffected Crimean’s and Ukrainians [read article below]; supplying arms and training them in the art of Guerilla Warfare Tactics for the purpose of terrorizing the Russians into leaving the Crimea and returning it back to it's rightful place in the Ukraine (in the same manner Russia’s military was humiliated and defeated during the Afghanistan gorilla conflict).
Should political and military events in this region continue to deteriorate and escalate out of control, Turkey could very well become a unwitting participant, which makes it worrisome for Europe, the United States, and Members of the NATO Alliance; as this “will” then drag NATO into the fiasco, resulting in a much wider and dangerous world conflict.  Also, people should be aware that the United States has a huge military presence in Turkey; the Incirlik US Air Base.
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is seriously flirting with disaster (just like this tragic airplane disaster) in the Ukraine and is continuing to destabilize many other nations in the region which in the short and long run will most likely have a very negative effect on Russia and her countrymen......(the Citizens of Russia should think long and hard about the path Putin is taking them would be well for them to remember their past history and the unspeakable carnage that war reeked on their homeland).
It is time for the Citizens of Russia to bring pressure on their “Dictator” and demand that Putin immediately stop what he is doing, and instead join the rest of the worlds civilized nations; they still have time to choose peace, prosperity, milk, and honey for their country instead of misery, death, and destruction.
Unfortunately, US Senator Dianne Feinstein is correct, the US (and civilized world) are once again in a “Cold War” with Russia – Gratis of the reckless and feckless leadership of Russian President ( and Dictator) Vladimir Putin.

Regards,  Ron Kirkish 
Russian warships pass through Istanbul’s Bosphorus sea, Turkey intercepts Russian jets,_Turkey_intercepts_Russian_jets/33378/0/38/38/Y/M.html
Two Russian warships on their way to the Black Sea have passed through Istanbul’s Bosphorus staits.
Russia’s ‘Saratov’ and ‘Yamal’ ships sailed unaccompanied through the Marmara Sea before entering the Bosphorus straits at 07:30 local time (05:30 GMT).
The two ships, which were usually based in the eastern Mediterranean to monitor developments in Syria, are now on their way to Crimea due to the latest situation there.
At the same time a Ukrainian ship called ‘Hetman Sahaidachny’ entered the straits at Canakkale (Gallipoli) on its way to the Marmara Sea.
Thousands of Russian troops have been deployed to the Crimea, an autonomous region of Ukraine, after Russia’s Parliament passed a motion on Saturday.
Due to prior agreements, the Bosphorus straits are recognized as international waters despite cutting through the middle of Turkey’s most populated city, Istanbul.
The Bosphorus is a key strategic passage between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.
Turkish F-16s intercept Russian jet
Eight Turkish F-16 fighter jets intercepted a Russian reconnaissance plane that had flown parallel to Turkish coast in international airspace on Tuesday.
Turkey’s General Staff said on its website that an IL-20-type reconnaissance jet had flown parallel to Turkey’s Black Sea coast in international airspace.
The Turkish Air Force responded by sending eight F-16 fighter jets to intercept it, the statement said.
Turkish FM: We will always stand by Crimean Tatars
Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Monday that Turkey will always stand by the Crimean Tatars, as he met with nearly 50 representatives of Crimean Associations.
Turkey supports and encourages the return of Tatars in their homeland Davutogllu said, adding that the current Turkish President and Prime Minister are saying that do not even think that we can stay indifferent to any matter related to our compatriots in Crimea or anywhere in the world.
“Wherever our brothers and sisters are suffering we will be the first to help them,” Davutoglu said.
The Crimean Tatars fear exile again if the Crimea region of Ukraine is going to stay occupied by Russia.
The 280,000 Crimean Tatars living in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea constitute close to 13 percent of the total population, according to Turkey’s Foreign Ministry.
Muslim minority Tatars are manning the streets and mosques as they fear a repeat of the exile they faced in 1944 under Stalin, which saw them scattered in labor camps across the barren steppes of Central Asia.
Turkish Deputy PM: Stability in Ukraine important for Turkey
Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Emrullah Isler said on Monday that Turkey respects Ukraine’s territorial integreity and stability.
Isler spoke at a visit to the Ankara Organized Industrial Region for local election campaigns.
“Ukraine’s territorial integrity, stability and prosperity are crucial for Turkey’s foreign policy,’’ Isler said.
”Ukraine’s political stability is very important for the other eastern European countries because they face the risk of separation due to ongoing political turmoil.”
He also emphasized that Crimea is part of Ukraine’s territory and said consensus could help solve the problems.