Saturday, November 22, 2014

A message to President Barack H. Obama from Sacramento County Sheriff Scott R. Jones

Dear All,
Sacramento County Sheriff Scott R. Jones eloquently appeals to President Barack H. Obama in regards to a recent tragedy his department suffered when one of his officer was shot and killed by an “Illegal Immigrant”.  This same individual actually killed two police officers during the incident, with one being from another  nearby city.  This “illegal immigrant” had been caught and deported numerous times before he committed his horrible crimes; and taking the lives of these officers and also shooting a civilian in the face.
I hope you will take the time to listen to the words offered by Sheriff Scott R. Jones to the president and if you think that they are important, that you will consider sharing his words with others within your sphere of influence.
Best regards,
Ronald L. Kirkish
November 22, 2014
Before President Barack Obama’s unilateral and unconstitutional Executive order relating to immigration reform, which is essentially a form of amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones had a few words to say.

Sheriff Jones recorded his message and posted it to Youtube, where it has since gone viral:

The Sheriff begins his message by talking about the four-times deported illegal immigrant with an extensive criminal record that shot and killed two Sheriff’s deputies (, one of which was one of his own, which he says is indicative of the need for immigration reform.
Although Jones says that Congress, both Democrats and Republicans,  share plenty of blame for not passing an immigration reform bill, he reserves his harshest criticism for Obama, saying “only you are singularly responsible” for the broken immigration policy that we currently have, due to the “hands-off” policies that have been put in place by DHS and their subsidiaries.
Speaking of DHS and Border and Customs agents, Jones said “They don’t need a raise to improve morale in that organization, they need to be allowed to do their jobs, and carry out their mission to keep America safe.”
“You are the only person who can impress upon Congress the urgency of reform. 
Simply stated, you are the only singular person in this country who can advance or adopt meaningful immigration reform. 
By that definition then, it is your singular failure alone as to why we do not yet have reform, why America continues to be at risk, and new crimes and new victims are mounting each and every day, in every single state.”
“In California, we have a very large, and very productive, undocumented population.  Unfortunately, that also necessarily means we have a large undocumented population that chooses crime as a way of life, that chooses to victimize others, including in many instances, other undocumented persons who are often unwilling to call us for help.”
“Like their American criminal counterparts, they commit murders, sexual assaults, kidnaps, thefts, engage in violent gang activity, and murder police officers.  The problem I have, is I can’t tell which ones are good and which ones are evil, and neither can you.  By their very definition, they are undocumented, untracked, untraced, and unaccounted for.  There is no way to know which of the 12 million undocumented persons we have in this country are good or bad.”
“This is not about racism.  It is about an increasingly violent and uncertain world in which we are inadequately protected.”
“Deferred action, or amnesty, is deferring this crisis.  It is not reform, it is simply giving up, and it does nothing to make America, or the undocumented population, any safer.”
“No matter what eventual pathway to immigration reform is chosen, there can be no conceivable resolution that does not involve securing our borders.  No matter what else is done or decided, for any facet of immigration reform to work, our borders must be secured.  So what possible reasons could there be for not starting on this immediately?”
“If nothing else, it would be a gesture of good faith to the American people, to demonstrate that you truly care about immigration reform and keeping us safe from everyone, and not just Mexican nationals, but everyone, who can now chose to simply enter our country at will, secure in the knowledge that there will be no consequences, if they are discovered.”
“An American patriot, Ronald Reagan, once told Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev to ‘tear down this wall’, to preserve democracy and secure safety and freedom for a nation.  Mr. President, I’m asking you to build up that wall, for the very same reasons.”
Sheriff Jones ends his video by calling on every other law enforcement, political, and community leader to send similar video letters to the President, urging him to secure the border first while pursuing meaningful immigration reform.
The Sheriff is absolutely right, and he should be thanked for taking a brave stand, and saying what needs to be said.  Our country certainly does need reform to our immigration laws, beginning with border security, and only then contemplating ways in which to legalize some of the illegal population.
Obama talks about how there is no more time to waste, and action must be taken soon.  If that is the case, perhaps he should step back and allow the new Congress to actually work on reforming immigration legislatively, instead of making the situation worse by unconstitutionally taking unilateral half-measures that don’t address the fundamental roots of the problem.