Friday, November 28, 2014

A Tilt Toward NATO in Ukraine as Parliament Meets

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Russia’s dictator, Vladimir Putin, continues to pursue the military forced annexation of the eastern territory of the Ukraine in the hopes of creating a land bridge between Russia and the Ukrainian territory of Crimea; after he had already used military force to annex that territory.  

During this time, American president BarackObama  has continued to wear his “Rose Colored Foreign Policy Glasses”, thus giving Putin a free hand to continue his aggression against their small neighbor. 

As this article shows, the Ukraine is now attempting to join NATO in the hopes of surviving  Putin's strategy of further Russian military attacks to stop him from robbing any more of Ukraine 's territory; and to ultimately regain all the territory Russia has already stolen, including the Crimea.

Also, as you read above, I quoted former presidential candidate Mitt Romney when he used the term "Rose Colored Glasses" during his foreign policy Ukraine/Russia debate with Obama.

In the future, I will not use the term "Rose Colored' when writing about Obama and his peculiar foreign or domestic policy fiasco's. 

Instead, I will use the term "Pot Colored Glasses". 

Obama, himself, admitted he was a huge abuser of marijuana when writing extensively in his biography "Dreams of My Father" about his leadership in the "Choom Gang" and his marijuana abuse; including other illegal drugs he abused.

After six years of watching the Obama Administration, I  have serious concerns that his past teenage abuse of drugs may have permanently damaged and clouded his brain; thus the "Pot Colored Glasses" effect.

Today’s science and technology proves beyond a doubt that marijuana abuse seriously damages several areas of the brain; including area's that effect judgment, and especially during the teenage years when those areas of the brain are rapidly developing.

Ron Kirkish
A Tilt Toward NATO in Ukraine as Parliament Meets



As Ukraine’s new Parliament, firmly controlled by a coalition of pro-Western parties, convened for the first time on Thursday, President Petro O. Poroshenko urged lawmakers to repeal a 2010 law that codified the country’s nonaligned status in global affairs, and to instead pursue membership in NATO.

The Parliament, in two of its most important initial actions, chose Volodymyr Groysman, a close ally of Mr. Poroshenko, as speaker and also re-elected Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk, a technocrat well-loved in the West, as prime minister.

Mr. Poroshenko’s remarks were sure to antagonize Russia, which annexed Crimea in March and has supported violent, pro-Russian separatists in the eastern Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Luhansk, in part because of the Kremlin’s opposition to any move by Ukraine toward NATO.

“Today it is clear that the nonalignment status of Ukraine proclaimed in 2010 couldn’t guarantee our security and territorial integrity,” Mr. Poroshenko told the Parliament.

“This position has led to serious losses. That’s why we’ve decided to return to the course of NATO integration.”

Earlier this month, Dmitri S. Peskov, the chief spokesman for the Russian president, Vladimir V. Putin, pointedly underlined Russia’s position in an interview with the BBC, saying: “We would like to hear a 100 percent guarantee that no one would think about Ukraine’s joining NATO.

We would like to hear that NATO would discontinue to approach Russian borders, that NATO will discontinue attempts to break the balance, the balance of power.

But unfortunately we fail to hear these words” (Source: The New York Times).