Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano Campaign Contributions Exposed

California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano is amongst the strongest proponents of marijuana issues in our state and recently, the KCRA 3 discussion board shared the information below exposing political contributions from those in the Pot Lobby followed up by Assemblyman Ammiano using his position of authority in the California Legislature to create legislation for their interests. 

Here is a quote from the author,  "By posting these articles I am connecting Assemblyman Tom Ammiano directly to the marijuana lobby, and not only is he connected to them, they go hand in hand. He scratches their back, they ‘donate” to his campaign."

1. Dr. Milton Estes. $250.00 donation. Mr. Estes is a pot doctor. He hands out "recommendations" for marijuana to otherwise healthy individuals who simply want to get high, or anyone with cash. ......"Dr. Milton Estes, an ACLU client in the case, welcomed the ruling. "It is critical that I be able to advise my patients on the medical use of marijuana without fear of being criminally prosecuted or losing my license," he said. "I work with HIV-infected patients, and it is reassuring to feel that I can now freely speak to my patients."

Source:  www.aclu.org

Let me point out that HIV infected individuals have a very short window of time to attempt the use marijuana to potentially trigger an appetite. Quite often HIV patients end up developing serious lung disease from attempting this approach, including lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)...HIV patients have severely compromised immune systems, the last thing they should be doing is smoking marijuana. The harms outweigh any possible benefit.

2. Kevin Reed. Owner of the Green Cross marijuana dispensary. Donated a total of $1,000.00. David Goldman, an employee of Green Cross also donated $100.00. Total coming from The Green Cross...$1,100.00.

Source:  www.thegreencross.org

The Green Cross get’s an award from the marijuana lobby group “American’s for Safe Access Now”…for their marijuana brownies.
Source:  www.blog.sfgate.com

Connection between Tom Ammiano and American's for Safe Access Now. (Ammiano introduced AB 2312, which he vowed would be back in January

Source:  www.safeaccessnow.org

Tom Ammiano introduces AB 473- Medical marijuana: state regulation and enforcement. 

Source:  www.legtrack.com

Tom Ammiano's Medical Marijuana Bill Would Permit Sales Throughout The State.

Source:  www.huffingtonpost.com

Kevin Reed and The Green Cross Responds To Marijuana Dispensary Crackdown .....from the article:

"Medical marijuana advocacy organizations, including Americans for Safe Access and the Drug Policy Alliance, have denounced these threats and the use of tactics not seen since before President Obama took office," Reed said. "Senator Mark Leno and Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, the two Democrat state legislators who represent San Francisco, also criticized this attempt to circumvent state and local law in California." 

Source:  www.tokeofthetown.com

By posting these articles I am connecting Assemblyman Tom Ammiano directly to the marijuana lobby, and not only is he connected to them, they go hand in hand. He scratches their back, they ‘donate” to his campaign.

3.  Robert Raich. Attorney-Oakland $250.00 donation. And then another $100.00 donation. There are two more $100.00.

...from the article

"The San Francisco District Attorney's office stated in a court memo this month that sales of medical marijuana at dispensaries are illegal. It was news to us, and news to Oakland lawyer and cannabis law expert Robert Raich, who took a cannabis case to the U.S. Supreme Court."

Source:  www.eastbayexpress.com

Does the name RAICH sound familiar? ...his wife is ANGEL RAICH...as in Raich vs Ashcroft.

Angel Raich of Oakland and Diane Monson of Oroville, along with two "caregivers" were raided by DEA. They sued the federal government on October 9th 2002 in an attempt to prevent the federal government from taking their pot. This made National headlines.

This is what Angel had to say -13- years ago...  "I owe my survival and my ability to lead a relatively normal existence to medical marijuana, or cannabis as it is more properly known, my two caregivers John Doe Number one and John Doe Number two who grow over eight pounds of cannabis for me per year, and my children for standing by my side. If the armed DEA agents who have torn up medical cannabis gardens and arrested patients and caregivers up and down California come knocking on my door, I will very likely die.”

However, in January of 2008,  7 years after she testified before congress that she would die without marijuana…Angel Raich is working full time as a professor at Oaksterdam University in Oakland,  and Cannabis College.  How is that possible? 

Oaksterdam University owner and president is Richard Lee. Richard Lee also owned a marijuana dispensary attached to the “University”. He spent over 1 million dollars from the illegal sale of marijuana to put Prop 19 on the ballot. Prop 19 would have legalized marijuana outright. Drug money paid for Prop 19 to be placed on the ballot in 2010.

This may explain how Angel has was able to trick Congress. …Dr Frank Lucido, Angel’s doctor, is on the board of directors of the drug legalization group NORML. He’s a regular speaker at NORML conferences along with Tommy Chong. He's also listed on the Drug Policy Alliances website, The DPA are key proponents behind Prop 215-medical marijuana.  

Frank Lucido, MD - Member, NORML Advisory Board. 

Source:  www.norml.org

Quote from Dr. Frank Lucido. “Angel will suffer immense harm without cannabis”

Source:  www.mpp.org

Raich vs Ashcroft...Robert A. Raich is one of the attorneys.

Source:  www.caselaw.findlaw.com

4. David Onek-San Francsico. $250.00 donation, and another $100.00 donation. Onek ran for District Attorney of San Francisco and lost to George Gascon. Gascon is the former Chief of Police. Onek loses to George Gascon, and then comes out publicly in support of Ammiano’s marijuana legislation…

Source:  www.davidonek.com

George Gascon is now District Attorney. Within 6 months of taking office, he completely changes his position on medical marijuana.

George Gascon Flipflops on Medical Marijuana

Source:  www.sfweekly.com

5. Chris Cunnie. - Former undersheriff of San Francisco. $250.00 donation. He quits the department and is hired by Attorney General Kamala Harris…Kamala Harris is quoted as saying “I like Bob Marley and Chris Cunny”

Source:  www.sfbg.com

And then Harris hires him….

“Retired undersheriff Christopher Cunnie - a former police union president and patrol officer who was long thought to be the heir apparent to Sheriff Mike Hennessey - is now a special adviser to Harris on labor and law enforcement. That caps a long list of law and order positions for Cunnie, who in addition to working for the sheriff's office and police department, has also served as chief investigator at the San Francisco's district attorney's office and director of the Emergency Communications Department.”

Source:  www.sfgate.com

6. OSBORN ERICKSON chairman of Emerald Fund. $250.00 donation. This is a very interesting group. They claim to be a premiere real estate development company. They also donated to Mark Leno's campaign, and are connected to our Governor...they had some information about our Governor Jerry Brown on their website at one time but it disappeared. Yes, this is a very interesting group.

Source:  www.emeraldfund.com

7.  Denise LaPointe. LaPointe Associates. Political Consultant. Lobbyist. Neighborhood Activist with political ambitions. $1,000.00 donation. Another $1,000.00 donation....

She was the Chief of staff to Senator, and High Speed Rain Authority Board Member Quentin Kopp. Quentin Kopp is a former liberal Judge, and reportedly liked to ‘take on’ republicans, such as former Senator Roy Ashburn, during a hearing on the High Speed Rail… He’s quoted in a video as saying he has an “impeccable reputation for honesty, integrity". Yet his former Chief of Staff, Denise LaPointe was paid over $350,000 by the High Speed Rail Authority, in ‘consultation’ fees, using tax payer money.

Here’s a link to the video:


There are serious questions regarding money spent by the High Speed Rail Authority on "consultants"...Denise LaPointe, Kopp’s former Chief of Staff was paid over $350,000 since 2009.

Source:  www.sfgate.com

High Speed Rail consultant fees questioned. Denise LePointe

Source:  www.sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com

Denise LaPointe the Lobbyist: She is a top dollar lobbyist according to this article…receiving more then ($521,750).

Source:  www.citireport.com

Ethical questions abound…she only claims to have given away $250.00 on political contributions in 2009.

Source:  www.sfethics.org

But in 2010 she gave away more then $6,000.

Source:  www.campaignmoney.com

8. Marc Van Der Hout -Attorney- San Francisco. $250.00 donation. He's an immigration attorney that represents suspected terrorists, and connected to Stanley Cohen- Attorney At Law, New York -- Legal Defense Fund, who was indicted by the IRS Northern District of New York for ‘Impeding the administration of the federal tax code”

Stanley Cohen:

Source:  www.istanleycohen.org

Judge Orders Islamic Fund-Raiser Deported

“Federal officials shut down the Holy Land Foundation and confiscated its assets shortly after the September 2001 terrorist attacks. The principal officers of the foundation, which was based in Dallas and was once the largest Islamic charity in the United States, were arrested last summer on terrorism-related charges.” 

Source:  www.nytimes.com

Feds hold man linked to terrorist / Tehama pilot's friend plotted plane bombs

“Marc Van Der Hout, Mubarek’s lawyer said Mubarek freely admits knowing Murad”

Source:  www.sfgate.com

One of the Los Angeles 8 that were defended by Marc Van Der Hout is Michel Shehadeh. Michel Shehadeh was a member of a group of Palestinian student activists arrested in 1987 in Los Angeles.

This is an event where Marc Van Der Hout and Michel Shehadeh were speakers and spoke about  “The war on terror.” Sounds like “The war on drugs”…doesn’t it?  If liberals don’t like what you have to say, or our laws,  they simply create the illusion of some sort of war. War on terror, War on drugs, ….

Source:  www.peaceandjustice.org

Marc Van Der Hout was appointed by Gloria Allred to defend Nicky Diaz- Meg Whitman’s former housekeeper and nanny. (Republican Meg Whitman ran for Governor of California in 2010 against Jerry Brown). Liberals claimed Whitman knowingly hired an illegal immigrant, Whitman exclaimed her housekeeper /nanny committed fraud by using forged documents. 

Source:  www.examiner.com

Here’s more on that: 

Marc Van Der Hout was part of Lynne Stewarts defense team. Stewart was found guilty, in 2005,  on 5 felony counts of conspiracy to aid and abet terrorism, conspired to defraud the United States, and making false statements to the Government.

“Attorneys Marc Van Der Hout, Susan Jordon, Stephen Bingham, NLG Executive Director Carlos Villarreal and NLG President Noreen Farren detailed the legal stakes involved and the importance of the case to the legal profession.”

“San Francisco Bay Area Welcomes Lynne Stewart”

Source:  www.socialistaction.org

And guess who helped pay for Stewarts legal defense? George Soros. The primary funding source behind Prop 215 (medical marijuana), 36 (get out of jail free card) NORA, and Prop 19 (outright legalization of marijuana ).

Source:  www.old.nationalreview.com

Secretary of States website. Donation list.