Friday, May 31, 2013

California Assembly Bill 473 (Pro-Marijuana) Defeated

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano
Today, a bipartisan majority in the California Assembly voted to defeat California Assemblyman Ammiano's pro-marijuana bill AB-473.  Several Democratic Assembly members also chose to abstain from voting on the bill.

This is further evidence that exposes the truth to citizens across California, America, and the world that contrary to what the pro-marijuana lobby wants people to believe, marijuana is not popular in California.

This bipartisan vote is further clarification that the citizens of California are telling their elected officials, "Just say NO";  just like they did when Proposition 19 (to legalize marijuana) failed overwhelmingly at the ballot.

Today's vote compares with the huge majority of over 280-plus cities and counties across California that have imposed ban's, moratoriums, and ordinances that do not allow marijuana dispensaries to operate within their jurisdictions.

For Congressman Ammiano, this was his last opportunity before being termed out of office next year(California Assembly District 17 - San Francisco) to influence marijuana legislation, and, as usual, he failed; again.  The Citizens of California are awakened and are telling their elected leaders, "NO".

We are thankful to the both sides of the aisles that formed the majority for voting your conscience to protect our state, communities, and our children from the scourge of drug abuse and addiction.  And, sending the message loud and clear to the citizens across our nation; Californian's are against allowing the drug culture to contaminate our children and their futures.