Saturday, May 4, 2013

Santa Cruz, California: Progressive Policies on Marijuana Devastate the Community

The City of Santa Cruz is located along the beautiful coast of California, sandwiched in between the cities of Monterey and San Francisco.  It is home to the famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the roller coaster ride, the “Big Dipper”.

Unfortunately, it has also become famous for being a beacon for the ‘Illegal Drug-Culture’, attracting like flies, thousands of ‘Illegal drug’ enthusiasts, including drug addicts, homeless, and mentally ill, from all across America.

Santa Cruz slowly changed from being a tiny coastal fishing village and morphed into a politically progressive city that enthusiastically embraced and nurtured the culture of illegal drugs by being one of the first city’s in America to allow marijuana dispensaries to legally sell their wares within the city limits.  It was also one of the first cities to create an ordinance making crimes associated with marijuana the ‘Lowest of the low” meaning that a person would receive a ticket for not cleaning up his pet dogs feces on public property before giving a ticket to a person smoking marijuana; even if that infraction occurred directly in view of a “Peace Officer”.

As you will see, the results of their elective leader’s progressive attitude on illegal drugs has caused much harm to the citizens of Santa Cruz and now they have formed a citizens group named, “Take Back Santa Cruz”.  The Citizens of Santa Cruz have had enough and are now fighting back.

It was on that fatal day in February, when the City of Santa Cruz had to finally come to grips and recognize that their city had major problems with drugs.  Two of their finest Police Officers/Detectives were murdered by a mentally deranged person with a long history of criminal activity, who had recently moved to the city.  In the history of the City of Santa Cruz, these were the first police officers to be killed in the line of duty.

Since that tragic day, their local and liberal newspaper, “The Santa Cruz Sentinel” has published several condemning articles regarding the issues surrounding the rampant illegal drug activity in their city and the terrible long and short term ramifications it has had on the SCZ community; including their children.  (Sentinel Article 1Sentinel Article 2)

In summary, the City of Santa Cruz example should be a warning to all of the cities, counties, and states across America for why we should never allow those like NORML, Americans for Safe Access, Drug Policy Alliance, Marijuana Policy Project to convince Americans to allow marijuana to be legal within our communities, whether for the ruse of so-called medical marijuana or for legal recreation use.