Friday, June 20, 2014

“Medical” Marijuana Is An Assault On All Americans


To:  Senator Rand Paul

Re:        “Medical” Marijuana Is An Assault On All Americans
It is remarkable that any Senator who graduated from medical school would be so unenlightened on the hoax of “medical” marijuana that you would restrict the DEA from doing its job to protect the America Public.  If there is one thing we have a right to expect from the federal government it is to protect the public from harm.  YOU FLUNK!
This is not a State’s right issue when the death, destruction and economic harm falls on all Americans.  Marijuana produced and distributed in individual states is diverted throughout the U.S., while converting otherwise healthy young people into zombies.

There is no medicine in the world that is smoked as a delivery vehicle, or with potency levels of 20 to 37% in smoke form, even 90% in wax form.  And there is no legitimate medicine in the U.S. that has not passed scrutiny from the FDA for safety and efficacy. 
This crap being pushed by our America drug cartels causes permanent brain damage, psychosis including schizophrenia and paranoia, more crime, birth defects, addiction, suicidal depression, diminished academic achievement, lost productivity, more welfare and more traffic deaths.  It is the gateway to drugs that kill 105 Americans daily, just from overdose. 
Get it right, or get out!
Roger Morgan, Founder
Take Back America Campaign

(916) 434 5629
Roger is Founder and Director of the Take-Back America Campaign, Chairman and prior Executive Director of the Coalition for A Drug-Free California. He is author of two books published on digital sites Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook, called MARIJUANA:  Brain Damage.  Birth Defects.  Addiction and SOROS.  The Drug Lord.  Pricking the Bubble of American Supremacy.