Monday, June 23, 2014

To All US Senators

By Roger Morgan - June 23, 2014
Re:      Please Vote No on Rand Paul/Cohen Amendment Protecting Drug Traffickers from US. Drug Laws 



THE GOVERNMENT’S MOST IMPORTANT JOB IS TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE FROM HARMIt is unconscionable that the branch of our government that makes the laws would prevent the DEA from enforcing them by withholding federal funds.  It is equally absurd that the Executive Branch would simply choose not to enforce CSA laws in defiance of all scientific evidence from the FDA, NIDA, DEA,  AMA, ONDCP and others, not to mention international treaty obligations and federal laws which they are obligated to faithfully execute. 
STATES DON’T HAVE A RIGHT TO CULTIVATE OR DISTRIBUTE ILLICIT DRUGSCultivating and distributing marijuana is not a State’s right issue when the death, destruction and economic harm falls on all Americans.  Marijuana produced and distributed in individual states flows throughout the U.S., while converting otherwise healthy young people into zombies who will become liabilities to all US taxpayers.

MARIJUANA IS NOT MEDICINEThere is no medicine in the world that is smoked as a delivery vehicle, or with potency (i.e. THC) levels of 20 to 37% in smoke form, even 90% in wax form.  CBD, the component of the plant that may have medicinal value, is bred out in favor of THC, the psychoactive ingredient, so it isn't even medicine to begin with. It will never meet the criteria of uniform ingredients, potency or dosage for safety and efficacy. 

EDUCATE THE PUBLIC:  Marijuana causes permanent brain damage, psychosis including schizophrenia and paranoia, crime, birth defects, addiction, suicidal depression, diminished academic achievement, lost productivity, more welfare and more traffic deaths.  It is the gateway to drugs that kill 105 Americans daily, like heroin, just from overdose.  The federal government, with access to the best scientific evidence in the world, needs to protect the public from what they don’t know, while educating them so they are not vulnerable to propaganda from American drug cartels. Marijuana is destroying the brains of our young people and the future of America.

MISUSE OF FEDERAL FUNDS: Rather than withhold funds from those charged to enforce the law, the government should impose economic sanctions on states and local communities that violate the law.  To allow States to profit from illicit drug sales, then reward them for violating CSA laws and International Treaties, is absurd.  If you reward crime, you will get more of it.

“TEEN SUBSTANCE ABUSE IS THE LARGEST PREVENTABLE AND MOST COSTLY PUBLIC HEALTH PROBLEM IN AMERICA”[i]:  ONDCP pegs the cost at $193 billion for law enforcement and lost productivity, but add health costs of $700 billion ( CASA); school dropouts $470 billion[ii]; mental illness $174 billion[iii]; welfare costs $136 billion, conservatively estimated at 20% of total; and traffic accidents and fatalities at $59.9 billion[iv]; and the total exceeds $1.7 billion per annum.  Marijuana use peaks at age 19 and 20, and starts at age 12 or 13 on average.  Prevent the problem, and save lives and cut hundreds of billions in taxpayer expense.


Roger Morgan, Founder, Take Back America Campaign Lincoln, Ca. 95648 (916) 434 5629

[i] The National Center For Substance Abuse and Addiction (CASA Columbia)
[ii] UC Santa Barbara High School Dropout Research Project.  $387,000 life time cost per drop out. 
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