Saturday, June 28, 2014


By Roger Morgan, Founder, Take Back America Campaign

Dr. Carlton Turner
Dr. Carlton Turner, President Reagan’ Assistant for Narcotics and Drug Abuse from 1981 to 1987, was in charge of the federal government’s 5 ½ acre pot plantation, which supplied cannabis to researchers. 

During that time he noted:  “It’s important to remember that we supply the scientists with marijuana which has a THC potency of 2 percent – about half the potency of street pot today. 

The U.S. government and responsible scientists cannot administer a drug to a human being which is as potent as today’s marijuana.” 

Today’s “medical” marijuana ranges mostly from 20 to 27% THC in smoked form, but as high as 90% in wax form.  

Dr. Turner went on to say “… It should also be remembered that THC is only an indicator of the mind-altering potency of the plant.  Other cannabinoids affect the body in different but also harmful ways, and they are usually found in higher concentrations when the THC content is increased.” 
Now, some 30 years later, science has provided us with additional knowledge on the harms of marijuana, not only to those who use it, but to their offspring.
Dr.Delphine Psychoyos, Texas A&M
In August 2012, Dr. Psychoyos at Texas A & M, revealed that today’s high potency pot could kill a baby in the womb even 2 weeks after conception, before the mother even knows she is pregnant. 

Dr. Susan Dalterio
Research from roughly 30 years ago by Dr. Susan Dalterio of U of Texas revealed that marijuana with only ½% THC caused physical deformities and still births, that it was mutagenic, meaning it could skip one generation and harm the next because of chromosomal abnormalities, and it could be caused by the male.

Research has now shown a causal effect between parental use marijuana and ADHD, and even more recently, the pesticides used to grow marijuana appear to be a causal factor in autism. 
Keep in mind that the human brain isn’t fully developed until age 25, and the age group with the highest consumption is 18-25 (i.e. child bearing years), followed by 12 to 17. 

Marijuana use, particularly before age 21, is known to disrupt brain development (permanently) leading to loss of IQ by up to 8 points, psychotic episodes including schizophrenia and paranoia, suicidal depression, addiction, diminished academic achievement and productivity, and increased traffic accidents and death. 

It is also a gateway to hard drugs that kill 105 Americans daily, just from overdose. 

CBD, one of over sixty cannabinoids, has shown promise in helping children with seizures and life threatening conditions such as Dravet Syndrome. 
But one should not confuse CBD, one of over 60 cannabinoids, with the whole plant. 
The “medical” marijuana being sold today throughout the nation, is bio-engineered to be very high in THC, the psychoactive ingredient, and very low in CBD, because it sells for more money. 
It’s all about the high, not the “medicine”.
Research on CBD continues by the FDA on an expedited basis. 

In the interim, one should note that Health Canada just issued a release saying THC content of 0.3% could pose a risk to children in the womb, or being fed breast milk. 

“Charlotte’s Web”, produced in Colorado without FDA approval, professes to have less than 1% THC.

But any THC could be detrimental to a child. 

Health Canada recently stated that 0.3% potency poses an unacceptable risk to a fetus, or children on breast milk. 

Bottom line? 
Instead of putting the burden on local communities, it is time the federal government quit living the lie and step up and do it’s most important job…. protecting the people.   



ROGER MORGAN  Chairman/Founder, Take Back America Campaign, formerly Chairman and Executive Director of the Coalition for A Drug-Free California. Owner/CEO of Steelheart International LLC, engaged in international business development and has been an entrepreneur and businessman in California for 33 years.  Formerly, he was Vice President of Volvo of America and President/CEO of Volvo Penta of America; and formerly engaged in sales, marketing and dealer administration with Caterpillar Tractor Company and Caterpillar Overseas.  He is a graduate of Washburn High School in Minneapolis (1956), Colorado College (1963) and The Thunderbird Graduate School of Global Management (1964).  He was Founding Chairman of the Coronado SAFE Foundation in 1997, a non-profit dealing with drug prevention; prior Board Member of the San Diego Prevention Coalition and Special Advisor to the Golden Rule Society in Coronado.   His passion for drug prevention stems from two step-children who became drug addicted at age 12 and 14 roughly 32 years ago, and two nephews who died from drug related causes. Morgan has authored two books, published on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble, one on Marijuana and the other on George Soros, America’s Drug Lord.  He is a frequent speaker and has written hundreds of articles on drugs and drug prevention.